DELPRO means professional pride and a high level of ambition, but also flexibility. And we lead the way.

Because it goes both ways. At DELPRO we never compromise on our professional competences or our ability to offer our customers assistance – whenever they need it. Our employees receive the same treatment, because we know, that life sometimes requires flexibility – especially when trying to achieve a successful work-life balance. 

We strive for success – every time

At DELPRO we have a motto: “It must work the first time. And it must work properly.” And we are proud of our highly skilled employees, who live by this motto every day.

We might not be the biggest enterprise in our field, but we know that we always deliver quality to our customers. And we’re able to exhibit flexibility because of the type of business we are. We therefore rarely win orders exclusively on the basis of price; instead, we’re chosen by enterprises that attach great importance to quality-conscious, flexible and competent business partners. 

At DELPRO we adapt to your life, your interests and your needs

We therefore also offer our employees different types of jobs. For example, we have positions in which you can work intensively for a prolonged period, followed by an extensive period of time off. But we also have positions that take family life into account and positions that can be adapted if your family situation changes – because there has to be a time and a place for everything. 

At DELPRO we primarily distinguish between Wind and Power Systems. You can work within power supply, wind turbines, data centres, railways and industrial companies. In other words, there’s plenty of opportunity to work with whatever it is that you’re passionate about. And it’s also absolutely fine if, during the course of your career with us, you want to try your hand at something new – indeed, we regard this as a virtue.

We’re ambitious – both on your behalf and ours 

At DELPRO we take great pride in our profession. We’re passionate about high-voltage installations and we have a professional pride that pervades everything we do. The same applies to our employees. Therefore the culture in DELPRO underpins our business – and in particular our professionalism. 

We’re ambitious. Things must be done properly. This view is shared by ourselves and our employees as well. That’s why we also offer you further development in our own training centre. 

If you think that all of this sounds like a place, where you would like to work, you’re more than welcome to take a look at the job vacancies we have right now. You’re also welcome to send us an unsolicited application. We’re always on the lookout for new talents who wish to shape the future of DELPRO.

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