Meet Anna

An international workplace with good energy, good teamwork across cultures, a focus on creating results, and the experience of being believed in and gaining ever more responsibility are the main reasons why Anna Nowak loves her daily work and career at DELPRO.

Varied, exciting and evolving tasks

From my first day on the job, DELPRO has believed in me and given me exciting work. My manager gives me opportunities and working with him and all my talented colleagues in both Denmark and Poland gives me insight, knowledge and new skills.

At the beginning, I worked as an office assistant performing regular office work and bookkeeping. I learned a lot about the company and met all the employees. It was an instructive time that created a solid foundation for my next job as a project assistant, when I arranged travels, booked courses and certification, amongst others.

Today I work as a project manager coordinator, which means that I handle the administration of the projects we are working on. This means specifically that I e.g. prepare documentation for new projects, carry out time recording, and handle invoicing.

We create results through collaboration

My colleagues are incredibly open and accommodating. We work together and not individually. I like that, just like I think it is cool that we have ambitions and goals we want to achieve. The pace at DELPRO is high. I work on several projects and have many deadlines. It is great to feel this pulse and when we succeed in completing a project I get this good gut feeling.

The job as project manager coordinator suits me well right now. Not two days are the same. I am never bored and the challenges and tasks are great. I always receive good feedback on the work I do. Feedback is good learning. It means that I develop both professionally and personally.

The dream of a career

I dream of becoming a project manager in the future. I believe that my various work functions at DELPRO have provided me with a professional understanding that would be a benefit in that job. Amongst others, I have several good ideas for how we can sharpen up the work processes of the many projects we complete each year at DELPRO.

I am proud of how far I have already come. I am on a wild ride and I am incredibly grateful that DELPRO allows me to develop and live out my ambitions.

Bavnevej 50
DK-6580 Vamdrup
+45 7632 2700
CVR-nr. 25019776