Meet Johannes

Much has been tried during more than 50 years working with high voltage. It continues to range from ordinary electrical work to complicated controls and technically demanding installations

Johannes cannot say goodbye to his working life

In 1969, then 16-year-old Johannes Nicolaisen began his apprenticeships as an electrician at Enstedværket. After completing his apprenticeship, he worked as a fitter in the area of complicated controls and a wide rance of other service tasks. A few business transfers later Johannes could in 2019 celebrate his 50th anniversary. 

There has been a huge development in the industry since 1969. Fortunately, there is still a place for me at DELPRO where, today, I work on-call to service and maintain the high-voltage stations of Energinet.

The on-call service job is a good fit for me. I am on constant standby and ready to take off when an alarm sounds or when an escort is needed for access to 150 and 400 kV plants. I cover Funen and the area from Aarhus and all the way south to the border. I drive about 40,000 kilometres a year, but I am comfortable and, as long as I am not required to scale the masts, I am happy.

Despite my age, I have no plans to stop. I still take great pleasure in using my knowledge to troubleshoot and complete a job. Everyone knows that stoppages have major consequences. Both financially and for consumers. I enjoy working with a focus and using my experience to connect large stations, where the safeguard measures are strictly adhered to.

Making a mistake, can prove fatal. Then you do not make it home. Safety is always a top priority and we have always been good at looking out for each other.

Bavnevej 50
DK-6580 Vamdrup
+45 7632 2700
CVR-nr. 25019776