Meet Kenneth

Kenneth Flindt is a self-taught mechanic and, prior to 1991 when he started working as an unskilled gardener at Skærbækværket, he had held various jobs and worked at a factory. He started an apprenticeship as a gardener, completed his training and was given more and more responsibility. First as a team leader and then as a department manager of Facility Management.

DELPRO has developed me as a manager and a person

My path to the position of department manager of Facility Management has, by no means, been a straight path. I am a self-taught mechanic and worked in a factory when a friend tapped me on the shoulder and said they needed gardeners at Skærbækværket. I trained as a gardener at Skærbækværket and drove to substations from Aarhus to the north, Christiansfeld to the south and Give to the west. I probably serviced a couple of hundred plants.

While working, I started an apprenticeship. I completed my training and worked as a gardener for a few years before being given more responsibility as a team leader. After we started in the contracting company, my manager found himself another job and, suddenly, I was in charge of Facility Management.

I have trained as a manager at DELPRO and at IBC and I am incredibly grateful that DELPRO has believed in me and given me increasingly more management responsibilities. We have a good workplace and I enjoy getting up early every morning to go to work.

As colleagues, we enjoy good relationships and if someone has a problem, we help each other straight away. I give my employees high priority and they will never see me as the authoritarian stationmaster. I believe that we make each other better by working in teams, recognising that we do not know everything, and sharing the experiences we each possess.

Whether it is an issue of general maintenance, tree pruning near overhead lines, digging in connection with anti-terror safeguards around substations, escorted access or anything else, we can provide the almost 600 installations, for which we work, the best service if we work together to solve the tasks efficiently, intelligently, and at a competitive price.

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