Get your professional ambitions fulfilled at DELPRO

An employer that embraces you, your life and your professional ambitions

If you have professional ambitions, we can guarantee that DELPRO is just the place for you. With us, the trade itself and professionalism are in focus. That’s why we also offer our employees good opportunities for further development. 

We do this because we have a system that works. We have tested it many times before. In fact, so many times that we now have our own training centre. This enables us to give you the opportunity to continue your development throughout the rest of your working life.

DELPRO is for life

This isn’t just something we say. At DELPRO we’re determined to ensure that our employees stay with us for as long as possible, because this provides unique opportunities for them to develop. And to face challenges in different areas – perhaps even in areas they hadn’t thought of. 

We’re enormously grateful for our employees. They demonstrate their trust in us every day. And they continue to do so. In fact, we’ve had employees who are now retired, but who just can’t seem give up the profession and all its facets. And that’s why they keep coming back to us. Because they love the trade. And because they just can’t help themselves.

At DELPRO, we have employees who have worked here for 50 years. We believe that this is due to our flexibility and high level of professionalism. At DELPRO you don’t just start from the bottom and move up through the company hierarchy. We move in a crisscross fashion. This is our way of ensuring employees that continue to develop and who feel invested in the enterprise.

"I take great pleasure in using my knowledge to troubleshoot and complete a job. Everyone knows that stoppages have major consequences. Both financially and for consumers. I enjoy working with a focus and using my experience to connect large stations, where the safeguard measures are strictly adhered to.

Making a mistake, can prove fatal. Then you do not make it home. Safety is always a top priority and we have always been good at looking out for each other."

Johannes Nicolaisen, Service Technician



If you’re passionate about high-voltage installations or wish to learn a lot more about the subject, DELPRO is definitely the right place for you

When you begin working at DELPRO, you might not necessarily be fully equipped to work with high-voltage installations. The only thing you need is the desire to develop. We’ll help you with the rest.

At DELPRO, safety is absolutely paramount. Therefore you begin working in the field with a team. You won’t be let loose on your own before you’re fully equipped and up to speed. That creates safety and peace of mind – for you as well as us.

At DELPRO we’re very proud of our profession. We aim to deliver high quality – every time. It’s a huge advantage if you feel the same way. And if you’re ready to take on the responsibility that goes with it, then we can guarantee, that you will fit in perfectly at DELPRO. 

"Here I meet only happy and talented colleagues. We all work together and have a good attitude. Projects are completed with professional pride and high quality. I find that the atmosphere at work is both relaxed and professional.

We work towards the same goals and it makes a huge difference to me that my work is highly meaningful. The projects that I and my colleagues work on generate green energy and pave the way for a sustainable future. Our efforts at DELPRO Wind help to create a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren."

Malcolm Uzice, HV Technician Wind


International career at DELPRO 

If you come from abroad and wish to work for us, we’ll make sure that you have everything you need. We can help you with regard to the details of the Danish labour market. And, first and foremost, we offer you an exciting job with plenty of opportunity for development. 

At DELPRO we know that life is about more than just work – regardless of how interesting your job might be. Therefore, we also offer that you can move to Denmark alone, in order to get the best possible start to the job and to get a good insight into the culture at DELPRO. If we’re the right match, then of course we’ll help both you and your family get settled in Denmark.

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